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How do you give your dog a pill?

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Spike has figured out the peanut butter trick, cottage cheese, wet food....
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I use the Pill Pocket treats. They work pretty well with concealing it.
I give herbs that can't be given with food so I just stick them down my dog's throat.
Originally Posted By: BowWowMeowI give herbs that can't be given with food so I just stick them down my dog's throat.
That is what we do do when any of our 5 needs meds. Shilo is very smart and as been able to get the pill out of anything we have put one in.
When I had to (which I didn't for years because my dear old
girl would swallow whatever you handed to her!) I used the
3 treat trick. You have to really be on your toes and do it quick
but it does work. Have first treat ready to hand to dog, 2nd
treat with pill in it, and 3rd treat to offer immediately. This is
kind of hard to explain, but you hand first treat with nothing,
2nd treat with pill and then 3rd treat right away before the dog
gets an idea there's something in the second one. I'd try
something really smelly and RARE for the dog to get.

Some people use pill pockets, ever heard of those?

This is all assuming you don't want to just do it the old fashioned
way, by opening the dogs mouth and popping the pill down.

Your vet might be able to give you tips.
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I start by having Abby sit, then open her mouth by pushing inward along the sides / getting my finger in there until she opens it. At that point, I gently tilt her head backward, drop the pill as far back as possible, and shut her mouth. Holding the muzzle loosely, I then blow air toward her nose, which causes her to lick and swallow the pills.
Mmmm... have not heard about pill pockets and I did try just putting down his gob, but he spit it right back out. Mind you, at that time he had 3 to take, now he just has one twice a day, so I'll give it a try. I really don't have all that extra time to spend hovering over him while he eats the drug laced wet food!!:>)

Thanks everyone!
i place the pill in a peice of meat or chicken. i give them a nice size peice of meat to mask the smell of the pill. the meat is the size of a quarter up to the size of a half dollar.
Sarge loves hotdogs, We by them when they are on sale. I cut them up into pisces and use them when we train. When its pill Time I cut up a hotdog with the sizes getting larger as we go.

Sarge is not big on chewing once he gets going. The pill goes in the last one being the biggest with the pill. Its gone in the blink of an eye.
It depends upon the pill. BUT underlying it all is training them to earn treats through eye contact and rewarding that contact. So, you have convinced them they want what you are offering... THis works especially well for an eat-almost-anything dog and helps with the pickier ones.
Cheese (the singles) wrap it up good!

Cheese usually works--until they get smart and then start chewing everything very carefully
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And, that is exactly what is happening to me. He is getting too smart to my ways! I even make a peanut butter sandwich using cheese slices and mashed up the pill and spread it in the middle and he still figured it out!!!!
Originally Posted By: mamagooseI use the Pill Pocket treats. They work pretty well with concealing it.
I've had a great deal of success with Pill Pockets too!!! The Hooligans love them.

But if someone is sick and refusing to eat, I stick pills down their throats EXCEPT for Kelly, who has an iron jaw and it's almost impossible to force pills down him.
Shadow loves pills. Any that drop on the floor she run's over to and eats as fast as she can. Not a good thing at times tho she tryed to eat a pack of birth control pills once. My wife was lucky and traded them for some cheese.
LIVERWURST! Work in a border collie rescue we often have to pill dogs and this works wonders. We have had dogs cheek the cheese, roll it around and then spit the pill out. But liverwurst is kinda pasty, not as easy to get the pill out, plus it sticks, so they can smell the pill.
cream cheese
Maiya is super easy to give pills to! I just crush them up and push them through her feeding tube. LOL!

No fuss there!
Kbgire, here's your solution: Go to the grocery store and buy a bottle of that yucky Iams sauce. Any stinky flavor will do.

Grasp pill in your fingers.
Drizzle the goopy Iams sauce down your fingers,
Have doggy sit.
Come behind doggy and hold dripping hand of deliciousness over his head.
As you open his mouth and slide wet pill down his throat, he will be franticly licking and swallowing the wet, goopy, gloppy sauce from your fingers.
.....Got any more pills for me to take, Mom??
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Depends on the dog, if it one of the gulper dog, then hiding it some thing works well, if it is one of my chewers then I just open their mouth and put down their throat.

A trick with hiding the Meds, make a second yummy treat and make sure your dog sees it. Give the hidden meds and get your dog to focus on the second treat. Some times knowing that you have another treat will encourage them to swallow it.
Cream cheese, cheese whiz or that peanut butter kong stuff in a can.

I also use raw meat (ground beef), and not just because I feed raw. My parents used this trick on my GSD as a kid, and she was kibble fed.
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