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Besides the tail wagging and the excitability that a dog has when he/she sees you when you come home; or the zoomies.

How do you gauge a dog's happiness?

More importantly, how do you gauge their sadness? Especially when they're lazying around all day.

If a dog doesn't have something to do, does this mean he/she is unhappy?

Is constant down time unhealthy for a dog?

I guess I'm asking because my dogs are not nearly as active as they used to be before the move. I worry because they whine more often (randomly) and I think they miss their backyard, their old way of life and are unhappy because of it :(

I understand that obedience training or some other kind of engaging activity may be good for them, but right now, (maybe in a few months after I've saved up some money and have a stabler job with time off) I can't do it...

One more thing. Are there others out there who have young dogs but aren't engaged in any doggie related activities?

P.S. Today, Zeeva (maybe Smokey--I dunno) knocked down 3/4 of a bottle of olive oil onto our floor. It made me wonder all this. So dramatic, I know, but I guess I thought I'd share...
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