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How do you find out thier bloddlines

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When we desided to get a new puppy I didnt care what her bloodlines were. I got the breed for thier remarkable reputation. So is thier a way though AKC, I got her parents names three gens back but thats it. Any insight?
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First and best resource would be her breeder. You can try searching for her parents using Yahoo or Google. AKC sells on line pedigrees for $10 (or maybe it is $8) which can sometimes be helpful. You can also search

Sometimes we can help too.
Nope nada Its ok I love her the same. I think shes alittle Larger then the normal gsd i think. 24.6 pounds at 11 weeks So most likely "american"
Weight can't tell you anything about lines ;-) Whopper puppies and small puppies come from all lines of GSDs
You can try posting the name of the pups parents and grandparents on here. I new a few breeders in the "region" if you want to PM me the name of the breeder I might (not definitely) be able to help there too.
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