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How do you find events?

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My little guy is coming home in 4 days and I'm still reading, reading, reading! But I can't find any sites to lists of different events. This will be my first dog that I'm going to be working, so I'm definitely new to all of this! I'd like to possibly do agility, rally, or dab in some herding and see where my boys potential will flourish.. I'm in Pennsylvania and I'm 1hr and 15min from Pittsburgh.. 2 1/2 ish hrs from Harrisburg and 5hrs from Philadelphia (Johnstown, PA would be a fairly good marking point).
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You can search AKC events by state and type of event here:

There's also lots of info on the different sports to get you started. is another good place
Don't forget to look in surrounding States like Ohio, WV, NY, MD and VA. There are trials and such in parts of those States that may be just as close or closer.

For herding there is also:
The American Herding Breed Association

United States Border Collie Handler's Association, Inc. (USBCHA)

Stock Dog Information
You can also find local AKC clubs on the AKC website. Or if you are interested in Schutzhund you can try searching the USA or DVG websites.
I found a group for GSD's/working dogs. It has now become a schutzhund club! Just put into search engine and then your area and topic.
When I lived in MD I used the MATCH SHOW BULLETIN all the time, it was well worth the subscription price. I wish there were a newsletter like this for the Souteast area.
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