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How common are white toes?

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I was wondering how common white toes are in an otherwise solid black German Shepherd?

I went to evaluate a young female at the shelter yesterday that looks all Shepherd and acts all Shepherd (she is *so* smart and so toy focused!) but has white toes on three out of four paws.
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Here's a picture of the pretty girl and her white toes.

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she's PB - GORGEOUS ears!!!

in my observation, maybe 1 out of 5 (adult) BGSD have either a white toe or white on their chest. this is my first time seeing multiple white feet. i admit it looks a little odd, but she's still adorable!
I have no doubt she's purebred (and gorgeous!), I've never seen one with that many white toes, though.
It's also interesting to see because in addition to the white hair, she also looks to have a few white toe nails.

Pretty dog!
My Elsa is a black/tan with a saddle and definitely purebred but also DEFINITELY with a few white toes and white toenails.

BTW, those white toenails are alot easier to cut (hint hint for that black dog!!!
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What a cute dog! I posted this on the other thread about white feet, the breeder I got Onyx from had a 2nd litter(different sire) and one pup had three white feet, as much as the one pictured. She is b&r and the sire is red dk sable.
I remember a thread awhile back about a breeder that colored the feet of a pup because of white toes, anyone remember this?
Aw, she is is pretty--her head reminds me of my India. But yikes, she needs a toenail trim!

Historian, is a rescue going to take her?

Originally Posted By: balakaiBut yikes, she needs a toenail trim!
Ha! I thought the same thing! I don't have anything to comment on the white toes, but I couldn't resist telling you she IS absolutely gorgeous... ohhhh those eaaars!
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Kristin - I evaluated her and another girl in the same shelter for VGSR. We're currently looking to find a foster home to take her so she can be pulled from the shelter. I haven't heard yet whether anyone is open, but I heard that there was a lot of interest in both girls and that they will hopefully be pulled soon.

I should cross-post her to the board, just in case.

And yeah ... definitely needs a toenail trim. Her and the other girl were both picked up as strays and have huge nails. The other one gave me a good scratch jumping up on me to say "hello".
I have a black/tan female that has 1 white toe and white toenail on a front foot.

What a cute face!
First post, be easy on me.... I'm about to purchase my 4th shepherd, a male, who will be shipped to me in a couple of weeks. I got an email from the breeder today asking me if "a little white on the foot" would be ok. Isn't this a flaw?

Originally Posted By: onyx'girlI remember a thread awhile back about a breeder that colored the feet of a pup because of white toes, anyone remember this?
My bi-color had a white toenail - not pinkish, not light brown, it was glaring white. I used to color it in with a sharpie
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Onyx is bi-color and her some of her toe penciling is interrupted by her white markings, I am always tempted to sharpie it. Love the penciling!
Welcome to the site Fred. I think white spotting is common, sometimes it fades, sometimes it stays(it stayed w/ Onyx).
It is a fault w/AKC. If you aren't showing don't worry about it.
Thanks! I've asked the breeder for a pic. There are two sable males in the litter, and I have the pick. I've been clear from day 1 that I'm looking for drive, since I will once again be active in my Schutzhund club. A year ago I had to put my male down. He was 11, hips fading, and starting to show signs of dimentia. The pup is an import so it's tough doing this from such a distance. You have to place a lot of trust in the breeder!

Molinari is a gorgeous dog! I love that look--I hope that is what I'm getting. Do you know Eurosport?
Eurosport <3
Here is the pic. breeder says spot of white on the chest and rear toes will go away.

Xeph, you're speaking a language I'm not familiar with!
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