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I am worried about senior years. Dubya will be four in June. Babs and Jenna will be three in August. Rushie turned two in January. Heidi, Whitney, and Tori will be two in August.

I am dying for a puppy.

I guess that makes me certifiable.

Arwen will be seven in June, and I swear sometimes the jealousy, etc., she is worse than the youngsters.

Having Babsy and Jenna together was awesome. I loved the two of them, taking them places, training them, etc. When they were eight months old I added Rushie with no major repercussions. It was more difficult trying to get everyone out. Around about that time I realized that socialization with the girls should be 1 on 1 time.

When I had the next litter, and when my final count was finally decided, when Rushie was nearly a year, that was the tough time. My eighteen month olds still needed a lot of work getting them ready for titles. Rushie was easy, but still work. I realized at some point in there that three more bitches meant three more kennels.

Two out of three of the babies are doing really good. Tori is just a pain. She does not play well with others (not that she has to, but she actually bears her teeth at them.) She is not yet a candidate for CGC as the last time I left her with a friend she tried to rip the woman's arm out of her socket to get to me. Hmmmmm. She goes into heat every time I sign her up for classes, on the day and hour of the first class. Her redeeming qualities are loyalty and loveyness to me, and I expect that without tons of classes, socialization and work, protective of me will soon follow.

Three puppies are a trip, but certainly something you can do. It is important to examine what your expectations are though. If walking down the street with three dogs is one of them, you have to realize that that may never materialize. If having your pack lounge about your living room in the evening is your ideal, you may find that one or two of your furry friends may need to be crated. Maybe not, it really depends on everyone's personality and your leadership skills.
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