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Not sure what others think but I've read more than once that "Tug" is a game to be taken seriously in this aspect; the more times the pup/dog wins the more confidence he/she gets and for dominant dogs it is advised to 'win more' than the dog wins. And when done with the "Tug" game, put the tug toy up. Pup doesn't get it until YOU want to play again. And it sounds as if Lucky has plenty of other toys to turn to....
for a timid dog it is suggested that they be allowed to "win" more, same concept except reversed. It is meant to give the timid dog <u>more</u> confidence.
I taught one of my girls to really do the tug since she has been used as a Service Dog demonstrator. For handicapped people, they often attach a towel or fabric pull to handles, frig door handle, drawer handles, door handles and their service dog can open it for them. Now that Greta is retired we play tug and that girl has STILL got it, yowsa! She puts 100 pounds of dead pull and jerk in that yank..... that particular one is me... we have a large stock dam in our pasture the dogs love to swim in, stocked with fish, etc. Just in case I ever fell in or broke thru ice I have planned and hope that my girl would be able to help get me out. If she used that jerk on a drawer or refrig. the appliance would be across the room and the drawer smashed through the picture window I'm sure.
Good luck with your darling girl and <u> </u> always <u> </u> be the leader of her world. You first in <u>all</u> things!
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