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Re: House Training - I think I'm about to go crazy

Wow you're expectations are a bit high to say the least! This is a 9.5-week-old baby that in my opinion should still be with her mother & siblings (but that is another subject)!

Suck it up, put her on a leash, and walk her outside to an area that you would like to her to go and give her a verbal cue like "potty" or "let's go potty" and wait. When she finally goes, give her a food and verbal reward. You will have to do this many times during the day because baby bladders do not have much holding power.
Also hang some sort of a bell on the front door knob. Every time you go to take her out, get her to touch it with her nose (hold a food treat next to the bell so she will have to touch the bell as she goes for the treat). Eventually she will realize that if she has to potty, you will let her out when ever she rings the bell.

Please remember that this is a baby; all puppies are different and all puppies need repetition and patience.

Good luck!

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