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Re: House Training - I think I'm about to go crazy

She's just confused, and if a puppy is confused and then thinks it's in trouble (and in your house) it's a submissive thing to pee. Even if they just did.

Think you need to just take a deep breath, realize all our pups get house broken at a different rate (I got my Bretta at 12 weeks and let me tell you, she wasn't housebroken) so we have to be patient and TEACH the pup we have.

Having 2 puppies is already really setting yourself up for a hard time. Many of us only have one at a time and most breeders will REFUSE to sell us a puppy if we already have one. Just sets us up for a much harder time with more anger/frustration and being on our last nerve. So realize that it really IS harder for you, you aren't just being sensitive.

Also, management is key with this. NOT yelling and corrections (not saying you are yelling, just saying that's not going to work to 'teach'). First of all, my pups aren't free to escape, run thru the house and then pee when it's too late for me to do anything but cleanup.

My pups go from my crate and INTO MY ARMS so I carry them outside to pee if I think they aren't reliable to make the long walk to the door. This sets them up to SUCEED rather than fail by accidentally squatting before they make it outdoors. I've never had one pee in my arms! So I pick them up out of the crate (calmly, no excitement peeing) and walk to the door and outside.

Additionally, I have to stay outside with her 100% of the time until the peeing/pooping takes place. Cause when it's done outdoors I need to be their IMMEDIATELY for the 'puppy party' and reward. Timing is everything to have our pups learn fast. So the party starts when they start to squat and pee (quiet party if you need to have them keep going LOL). So they know it's this we want. If you party when they are DONE it's not as clear what you are so happy about.

I'd also be doing way more walking with the pups for the poop/pee adventures. On leash walking the yard or the neighborhood. And taking them on long car rides with walks to poo/pee.

Using babygates and closed doors will assure the pups are ONLY in the same room you are in so you are monitoring for the housebreaking. If my pup is in another room and poo/pees, I need to smack myself upsidethe head. That is MY fault not the puppy's.

What I do to make clean up much easier (and so much less frustration and anger on my part) is I went to Home Depot and purchased a massive brown WATERPROOF tarp that I place on the floor in the room I spend the majority of time in (and so do the pups). That way if I did make a mistake in the housebreaking (notice it is ME making the mistake, not the puppy) and miss a puddle/pile. It's so easy to clean up and nothing is destroyed.

Good luck.
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