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hotspot :(

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Why do I always have the same luck

My 1 year old shepherd just got back from the vet. He has developed "hot spot" on his back. Apparently , this is an alergic reaction.

is this common in the dog world? I was told to give him the typical round on antiobiotics

he eats only premium keeble. "Orijen" wich is 70 protein and 30 percent fruits and vegetable, grass.

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thank you! its quite informative!
Hotspots are extremely common in dogs. The normal course of treatment is to shave the area around the spot so that it can dry up, and letting it heal. There are a number of topical ointments you can use to help it along, but antibiotics aren't normally needed.
Ive noticed with my dogs, either they get them, or they never get them. I have never had a dog that got them every now and then.
Dante will get one from flea bites. We've made it the last 2 years without
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I second what historian said about the shaving. Thats the first (and usually only) thing I have to do get them to go away. When I have had to use the topical ointments or sprays I've had good success with bitter cherry spray. Bitter cherry is better than bitter apple as its free of alcohol.
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