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Homemade leash .... How does it look?

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Made this for my dog & a few friends dogs as well.
Made the rope chain at the bottom for when the dog wants to chew on it. Maybe it will delay its destruction.

What do you think?

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Good or bad feedback welcome. Anyone? Beuler?
Originally Posted By: Bama BMW M3Good or bad feedback welcome. Anyone? Beuler?

Looks great
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I love it! Looks like you did a great job!
I have a small pet store wanting me to make some for them as well. What do you think would be a fair MSRP for these? $20? $24.99? They are really tough. I tested one the other day with 400 LBS the other day. Didnt stretch much or break. Weight 6 oz Length 6'
I think it is really cool but that was one thing that popped into my mind, is will the clasp hold a lunging dog? As far as pricing I would check out some merchants in your area and see how much they are charging for just regular leashes. I would definitely pay extra for a leash like the one you have made.
Hmm... Interesting
I like the panic snap for certin situations, like if you are training in home with a dog teathered to you. I think $20 is too much for a 6' leash though.
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The clasp will hold. Its made for horses & cows. I love the panic snaps. I could make it the same price for an 8' as well. I guess Ill have to do some more research. Thanks for the input.
I like it. You could make them in different colors. I am not sure on the pricing though.
All leashes I look for need to be comfortable to hold in your hand and if your large dog lunges it won't cut into your hand like some small thin leashes do. I also look for a lead that had a separate loop down by the dog so if you have to have him very close to you, you have a loop there to hold him as well.
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