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homeagain microchip

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I got Onyx chipped a year ago, and just received a letter to renew my annual membership. This is for the advanced service, right? If I don't pay $14.99 I will still be in the database, but not get all the added services. Or do I have to pay yearly to have my dog registered?
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I'm pretty sure it is for the advanced services and the dog will still be in the database if you decline them.
Hmmm....after reading that maybe not! lol

I'd like to know too as two of mine are microchipped with Homeagain.
Originally Posted By: GSDBESTK9Weird!! My Yorkie has had a HomeAgain chip for the past 7 years and I've never received a letter like this.
We just got our dog and cat chipped about 4 months ago and all this was in the brochure. I was under the impression that you had to pay an annual fee regardless to keep them active in the database.

Then after checking out their website I thought maybe it was for a "premium" service.

Now I don't now.
Originally Posted By: onyx'girlI just called them and this is for the advanced services. For the initial fee, the pet will stay in the database for life, but only for ID purposes. If you want the alerts, etc. if your pet is lost then you have to pay the annual fee.

Oh ok, thanks for the info.
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