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It depends on what kind of infection he has. Yeast infections are really common. This is the kind Kenya gets, usually as a result of taking antibiotics for something else (which kill the bacteria that keep yeast under control, resulting in an ear infection.

The stuff I get from my vet is really cheap, cheaper than it would be for me to make home remedies. It is this ointment that I drop in once a day. Then I use pre-moistened ear wipes to swap out any of the gunk that is visible (I don't push it into the ear). I massage the ears so it works the ointment deeper into the ear canals. The dogs love this. Then when they shake their head, it helps loosen up the gunk.

I would not clean out the ears until you have something in them that is taking care of the problem. If you try to swab them out, or are flooding them with liquid that's not killing the yeast (or mites, or whatever it is), you risk pushing or flooding the problem deeper into the ear canal.
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