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One thing to think about with board in training is the boarding cost alone. That can be 1/2 the cost per week/month what ever. The longer you board the less the boarding cost should be.

The most important part of any training program is training YOU along with the dog. You want the dog to respect and trust YOU not the trainer. The trainer should be there to teach you what to do and how to do it using the dog to demo but you have to find the time for daily homework until next lesson.

How long is a training session for $150, an hour or more? You can only teach a dog so much in a session and people too. I agree $150 is a lot but I would ask the trainer if he/she would reduce the price any because of the economy. If they need the business and aren't getting it you may get a good deal but you need to at least ask.
As a professional private trainer myself, I would rather be busy for less than not at all. Time are very slow her in California too with gas prices over $4.

If nothing more I would get into a group class and make the time to get the dog under control.

Just one trainers opinion.
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