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Posted on CL yesterday. It's so sad to see so many dogs in this situation.

Senior German Shepherd

"Hi, My name is Cooper.
My mom lost our house and left me with some friends who are trying to find a new home for me.
I’m 9 years old and have lots of experience behaving myself.
I love people and most other dogs.
I think I’m ok with cats and I like older kids.
I am up to date on all vaccines including rabies.
I recently went to the vet and my heartworm test was negative.
I am not fixed, but I’m too old for that anyway, but my vet would like me tested for cancer.
The vet said I should have some dental work. I guess I have Stage III periodontal disease.
Other than that I feel great. I love to go for walks, chase squirrels, play, get scratched, brushed, nap and hopefully retire happy.
Give us an email if you would like to give me a home.
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