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i don't allow the pillows being
pulled of the sofa but the rest
is daily life with a GSD. i'm amazed
by the fur tumbling weeds. i have them
year round, just bigger and a lot more
between April and September.

Today it has been rainy and the wind is so strong that I don't dare take Wolfie for a walk or let him play out in the yard. There are trees falling down everywhere. So, that means Wolfie has to play in the house today. Hubby is working a double shift today, and stopped home a little while ago. He said " This house looks like a freight train came through it! " I said " yeah, the Wolfie train!" The throw rugs are all over the place, there are toys and bones all over the floor in every room, he took all of his blankets out of his crate, the pillows off the sofas, and of course the obligatory fur tumble weeds rolling around. UGH! Every time I try to clean it up, he just takes it out again. Hopefully he will lie down somewhere and take a nap. Then I will clean up. LOL!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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