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I had my boy's hips and elbows done when I had him neutered. There was no extra sedation and I got good information. He was 14 months old. I don't know exactly how incredibly useful the info you'll get will be for a 6 month old who is still growing rapidly. But the way I look at it, anytime I can get MORE info with not much more cost or inconvenience, I figure it's a good thing.

As onyx says, since your pup will be anesthetized already, you can go for it if you'd like. Keep in mind that these films are *very* preliminary. But you'll have more information than if you didn't get them. If your pup is developing hip problems, knowing sooner is oh so much better than finding out later. And if everything looks good, great! You'll still want to be super careful with her growing body, but that will be good news.

Then, when she next has to be sedated for something else, you can have her OFA'd. I'm not in a huge rush to get my boy OFA'd. I will. But I'll wait until he needs sedation for something else first. Anesthesia is something I take *very* seriously.

I kind of maintain that mentality throughout my dog's life. I don't xray "just because." Regular exposure to radiation is not a good thing. And once the hips are set in an adult, barring something unforeseen (like an injury), things *tend* to stay consistent for the average household pet.
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