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Hip Replacement On The Horizon

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Michael right hip is deteriorating and has an appointment June 9th with an Orthopedic Surgeon and a Pulmonologist at Dallas's referral only specialities Hospital/Clinic. Our regular vet is expecting a total hip replacement will be suggested. The Pulmonologist is involved because Michael is a Mega-e dog.

I would really appreciate your suggestions, experiences, comments and anything in particular I should discuss with them that I might not think to ask about. I was told the cost should be in the $2000-3000 range and I am wondering if that amount seems appropriate?
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Several of us have been through hip replacement with our dogs and are happy to help you.
Find out if they do cemented or cementless THRs.
What a lucky dog to have you. Mega E and HD---you are earning your angel wings!

Recovery from THR is not as bad as you think. Time goes by very fast once you have a routine down. Rudy's surgery was $3800 plus followup x rays etc.
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