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Okay guys, here goes......Storm just turned one year old on June 20th, 08. he was on Natural Balance Ultra Premium and still is. i wanted to bulk up the protein and meat content a bit a few months back and started adding small amounts of the Innova Evo Large Bites. after doing some research on the web, i found out that it is not recommended to feed the evo to large breed puppies under 18 months old. i call Natura and they felt i would be okay since i was mixing it in with another feed and had not been doing it for a long amount of time.

don't get me wrong, storm does great on the Natural Balance and i do give him some Natural Balance canned meat mixed in at dinner time. in the morning he gets his Natural Balance and i grate the Natural Balance rolled food on the cheese grater and sprinkle a small amount in for taste. not crazy about this rolled food due to the fact it does have sugar in it, so might switch to adding something else to taste up breakfast. he is also on the digestive Nzymes and Nupro Silver with the glucosamine and chondroitin. now to my question since you know his feeding ritual, lol.

do you think it necessary to add some higher protein food in with his Natural Balance? do you think i should be doing grain free if he is having no visible grain problems? i work at a pet nutrition center and we just got the taste of the wild in and are working on getting i orijen and i am just wondering would it be better to give him some variety and mix in some taste of the wild or orijen. the taste of the wild does claim that it is for all stages of life and puppies also. the high protein level scares me and they are not listing how high the calcium/phosporous levels are.

if it ain't broke don't fix it, but what do you guys think? the whole dog journal recommends that you switch up their protein source at a minimum of once a year, so i'm wondering should i just add other foods to his kibble.

i think i'm getting too anal retentive about his diet!!!
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