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I dont remember Rocky doing this but Apollo get hiccups at least once per day. They dont last a long time, but I am wondering what causes it. Is there something I can do to prevent them?
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My puppy got hiccups the first night we had him. He'd been howling and yelping and all upset that he was in a strange house without his 8 other siblings that when we let him out of his crate in the morning, he had the hiccups from all that sobbing.
Also happens when they eat too quickly. Zac gets them if he gobbles up breakfast too quickly!!
Apollo just gets them. It is not like he gets them at the same time everyday even. I cant associate it with food, or being upset. For example when I started this thread we were both in the office and had been for a while when he started. LOL

He ate probably 1-1/2 hours ago so I am guessing that isnt it.
Hmm...I'm not sure then.
As long as the hiccups aren't EXTREME - such as all-out convulsion type hiccups like he's going to throw up - I don't think there's too much to worry about. I don't think you can prevent those: but then again I am not an expert.
On second thought: how old is he? If he's young, it might just be his gut isn't fully formed yet.
Elmo had hiccups often as a baby. I think it is normal based on my experience with one puppy.
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Bogart still gets them, but not as often as he did when he was younger. He mostly got them when he was chewing on one of his toys. Pretty sure it's normal for a pup.
Gracie constantly had hiccups as a pup - it was hysterical, the noise she'd make with them
She outgrew them, we suddenly realized one day she wasn't getting hiccups anymore. As long as they are accompanied by vomiting, Apollo's fine.
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He is 9-1/2 weeks
Dena and Keefer both had hiccups when they were little. I asked my vet about it and he said it was a puppy thing. I don't know why, but it it's pretty common, and apparently not a concern.
Link had the hiccups alot when he was little but now that he is 6 months old he only has them maybe once every two weeks. We asked the Vet about them and the said it is their esophogus(sp???) maturing and that they can have them up to about 8 months but I am sure that they can get then when they are older every once in a while just like we can.
Originally Posted By: DSuddHe is 9-1/2 weeks
Oh yeah - It'll be another two weeks or more before his gut is fully mature. Totally normal.
Chevy got them often when we first got him. We thought something was wrong at first because it seemed he always had them, lol. I can't tell you exactly when he outgrew it though, I haven't heard him hiccup in a couple months. Shya gets them about once or twice a day now.
I've heard hiccuping was because they were growing, Apollo had them quite often, and Zeus has them occasionally.
I too have always heard that the hiccups were because "his insides are growing", which I think at that age is exactly the reason. As long as they don't last really long per session or seem to cause any problem you shouldn't worry.
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