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Hi from NE OH!

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Hi everyone, I'm here to introduce myself because I have recently purchased my very first GSD puppy!

My name is Larien, I'm 24 and I live in NE Ohio (hoping to make friends with owners in the area!) and I have a LOT of pets - 4 horses, 5 dogs, 4 cats, 4 parrots, 4 lizards, a ferret and a snake. Obviously, animals are my passion. :D I'm living at home caring for my injured mom, she broke her femur in 06 and will have her 4th surgery on it on the 25th :(

I've always wanted a GSD, maybe it's my heavy German ancestry, lol, but I always thought they were such a handsome and noble breed. 2 months ago today I lost my beloved Great Dane, Scout, to bloat - I was absolutely devastated, but people started suggesting I get a new puppy to ease the pain. So I took a look at GSDs, and found my dream boy!

His name is Remington, he's 7 weeks old today (he was born exactly one week to the day after Scout passed, which is weird) and I'm waiting on his final vet check so I can go and pick him up! I'm super excited to go and get him and bring him home, although my 4 dogs here won't be too thrilled! All we've got now are little ones - my mom's shi-poo and chihuahua, our corgi and my pomeranian, so it'll be nice to have a big boy around again! Plus I'll feel a LOT safer!

Anyway sorry for the long post, I look forward to learning a lot here together with Remi as soon as he comes home! Thanks! And here's a photo:

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What a little (not for long) CUTIE. You should post pics of all your pets! :D
Oh how sweet! Welcome and congrats on the new pup.
He's so adorable! Welcome to the wonderful world of gsds.
Welcome! What a cutie! I hope your Mom's surgery goes well.
Great lookin pup right there. Congrats. Hope the surgery goes well.
Welcome from NE Ohio.

The pup is cute.

There is a great trainer in Madison if you are interested.

welcome and he is soooooooooooo CUTE!!!!
Thank you, everyone! I'm glad you like him, <3 I will be sure to post a lot of pics once he's home (hoping for a status update tomorrow!)
Welcome! This site will be EXTREMELY helpful, trust me. This is my first GSD and I've learned a ton on here.
Welcome! What a sweetheart! I am so sorry to hear about your other dog :( it's always hard when our fur kids pass on!

On another note my husband is humored that we aren't insane (and there is someone with a line up of pets that sounds similiar to ours!) - we have 2 kitties (both 3 yrs old), 2 pups (1 10 yrs, 1 4 yrs), a GSD Female Pup reserved for us for November :), 2 parrots, and 2 lizards! It is nice to see someone else that has a full house like we do = )

Congrads on your new little boy, he is precious (check out those ears!!). Can't wait to see more photos of him when you get him home!

Welcome, again, to the forums!

welcome!!!! sorry you lost your big boy but one of the favorite beliefs on here is that when one of our babies passes away, they choose our next one for us and send them to us in one way or another. Its part of how they help ease the pain of their loss.

Cant wait to see tons of pictures of your new furbaby!!! and good luck for your mom in her surgery!
:welcome:to the forum and good luck with your new puppy!
Thanks guys <3 Haha Jess, yeah my house is a zoo, too! But I wouldn't have it any other way :D

I'm excited to share that I'll be going out to get my boy tomorrow! We're gonna leave at 7am, it'll take 3 hours to get there, but it'll be worth it! Can't wait to have him home!
I brought Remi home today! And I have to say, he is one of the best puppies I've owned, even though it's been less than a day he is just awesome. He has not had one accident in the house and actually already figured out to go to the back door when he needs to go outside! My other dogs took to him better than I'd thought they would, I expect them to play with him in no time. But he is just so beautiful, I adore him already! Anyway, I will be taking a lot of pics tomorrow to post!
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