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hi from puppy tara

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just joined to show my puppy ..shes 5 moths now, my first german shepard, very obedient and easy to train

7 weeks..

4-5 months

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What a beautiful girl! Welcome. Where in Ireland are you? Happy American Thanksgiving to all of you
From the north but im currently in philly working , happy thanksgiving
Welcome! She is beautiful. Love those big fuzzy ears.
Lol thanks will keep pictures coming as she gets bigger , very strong puppy needs beefed up though
She's adorable!
Welcome from a fellow Canadian!!!!:toasting:

What an adorable pup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Am from Ireland lol
sorry meant to say friendly Canadian:blush:
Lol no problem , any Irish on here?
Welcome, and Tara is a very pretty girl! :)
Thanks everyone she has her own wee personality such a random dog lol very very smart and easy trained listens to everything and docent need to be told twice
wow... two girls now that look like Ze'eva on the boards!
Yeah they all have there own distinctive markings though , can't wait to she has puppies I will be sure to to keep at least half the litter lol
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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