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Hey Guys...It's Been Awhile!

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Hey Everyone,
How's it going? Everything here is good...Zeus is doing great! Next year I'm starting up 4-H with him. I went out today and bought a 5-way Combo vaccine...The DHPPA and tomorrow I will have my neighbor who has vaccinated her dogs for years will do it for me. Then, in about 2-3 weeks, I'll get the Kennel Couch...Try to space them out. He's doing better on his listening to me. How's everyone been here? How are all your dogs?
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Hello, good to hear from you. Max is really growing up! He turned 3, which means he'll get the snip-snip pretty soon and then he'll be able to go to doggie daycare. He loves other dogs and this will be good for him. I also got the okay from DH to get another puppy. Yeah! That will happen later this year.

Keep in touch! Great to hear from you!
That's good to hear about Max! =)
hello fellow michiganian! you actually have me beat on zoo you own,lol, people think I'm crazy with 3 dogs & 3 cats!!! At one time I had 2 rabbits also!
Suzy, hahah! Nice to see a fellow Michiganian here! =)
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