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"He's such a good puppy!" No he's not....

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I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way. lol

I went to Petco today (among other stores) and Ozzy was just getting SHOWERED with attention. I was talking to the groomer and she was kind of testing him by playing with his ears, feet, mouth, etc., and he didn't mind it at all. I told her that I mess with him all the time and brush him every day. She asked me what I fed him and I told her BB, but was going to switch to Orijen, ans he looked at him and told him, "You get the good stuff!" Haha. I wonder if she would have said anything if I said Purina or Pedigree or something.

But ANYWAY, on with what the title's about.
There were probably about 7 people Ozzy was going back and forth to in a circle, giving him attention. He was pulling on his leash and trying to lick them in the face and trying to jump up on them, and just wasn't being good. They all kept saying, "He's such a good puppy!" I kept thinking to myself, "No he's not, he's being a monster!" I just said, "Thank you," though. lol But when he did something I didn't like, I would tell him to sit, and although it would be a few seconds delayed, he'd sit.

I was proud of him for one thing though. When he saw a dog, he didn't hide behind me. He sat and looked interested. Sat up straight, ears perked up, tail wagging. He wanted to meet the other dogs! Even the big ones. :) The only one he tried to run away from was a pit bull/lab mix that got excited and lunged toward him and scared him. I can't blame him for running - that would scare me too. Haha. The dog wasn't trying to hurt him, but she got excited and wanted to see him. But she tried approaching a bit too fast for Ozzy's comfort. lol
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HAHA! People say that about my two also. Our trips to PetSmart or Petco ALWAYS happen after training or working of some kind so they're usually hot, exhausted and worn out so the first thing they do once I find the aisle I want is LAY DOWN. They just plop their big ole butts on the nice cold floor which to everyone else looks great. The minute that someone approaches them, especially another dog, it's like they're fresh up from a nap. All hyper and excited. I'm still working on keeping Bayla, my female, from jumping up towards people. Of course everyone thinks it's just "so cute" that she wants to stand on her hind legs. I'm like LISTEN, it's not what I'm teaching her, it's not cute. She may still be sorta, kinda small now, but one day she won't be and I don't want her jumping up on people. Where other people see the brother and sister together and just MELT, I am always so very cautious about making sure they follow "my rules" when meeting other people, "you are not allowed to jump up on strange people just because THEY think it's cute" NO rule breaking :( Sorry kids. and.... we love Orijen around here too, have had NO issues on it.
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I've cooled down with trying to tell the public, "Don't let him jump, do this, do that, etc...," because it doesn't work. So I just tell him either to sit or to come, and he does. So that's fine with me, just as long as he stops doing what I don't want him doing.
One of the best pieces of advice my trainer gave me was not to reward Lycan with the words "Good Dog" but find another phrase such as "OK" or "Yes" specifically so that I don't spend a week teaching him not to jump on people, only to take him to Petsmart and have him do the same while people tell him "Good Boy!" and get him all confused.

Jelpy and the mesquite mafia
We took our two to visit the in-laws last weekend. MIL says, "your dogs are so well-behaved."

Rosa had jumped on both of them about a dozen times when we first got there until we got her under control. Then she just did this whiny pant thing for about half an hour until FINALLY, she calmed down.

Niko knocked over a stack of wood trim pieces in the unfinished bedroom.

After they both settled down for a split second with chew toys, they started the "NO, I want your bone AND my bone" game.

Somebody made off with the Halloween decorations and relocated them to a different room.

Four hours later they finally got tired enough to sleep through while we ate dinner.

Such good puppies...
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