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Herding in Falls Church, VA

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Hello, I'm new to Falls Church, VA and am looking to continue herding Holly. Does anyone know of any local herding in the VA area?
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Thanks for the link. It doesn't seem to have contact info. Do you just show up? Or am I missing some of the info? Do you herd there?
Keepstone Farm is actually in Berryville, but it's not a horrible drive out there from Fall's Church. It's very scenic, actually, and lovely just for the drive alone.

You have to contact the trainer there, Susan Rhoades, to set a time and date to come out for lessons. She works Border Collies but she has titled other breeds of dog as well. Her contact email is posted on the "About Susan" page, and Carolina also put it into her post for you.

I had Abby's herding test done at Keepstone Farm and it was a really nice experience. I know a lot of people drive pretty far to train with her. Unfortunately, we're about to move, so we actually won't have the opportunity to train with her and get more into herding at this point.
Thanks Chris! I started herding Holly at 10 mos, but stopped when we moved. Partly to get settled partly b/c of weather extremes and schedules. I'd like to get her back into it now that spring is here. It would be just for fun and bonding.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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