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I buy meat in 40 pound cases - frozen SOLID. One HUGE chunk of chicken necks (for example).

I have to let it sit outside (or in our basement during the winter) until it defrosts - usually a day or so- and then I repackage it and refreeze.

I've had stuff thaw completely (and then some), refroze, thawed and fed it without a problem. :)

And then there's the time I left a case of beef hearts outside to thaw. They thawed, then we had a cold snap and they refroze (in a 60 pound chunk), then they thawed again but I couldn't get to them and the top came off and the crows were pecking at them and THEN I repackaged them and tossed everything in the freezer. Dogs never had a problem.

I TRY not to make a habit of letting stuff go THAT long again. :)
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