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I'm looking for helpful books/websites. Can be SAR in general or training specific (building drives, etc). Just wanted to get educated!!

I'd love to join my detection trainer's SAR group....need to be in better shape (am working on that), but would love to learn, learn, learn in the meantime!


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Here are some of the books on my shelf that I recommend:

"Scent and the Scenting Dog", by William G. Syrotuck
"Practical Scent Dog Training", by Lue Button
"Search and Rescue Dogs, Training the K-9 Hero, 2nd Edition", by ARDA
"READY! The Training of the Search and Rescue Dog", by Susan Bulanda

Although these others are for more specialized types of training, they contain information that would be useful to any search dog handler:

"Training the Disaster Search Dog", by Shirley M. Hammond
"Avalanche! Hasty Search", by Patti Burnett
"Cadaver Dog Handbook", by A. Rebmann, E. David, and M. H. Sorg

Here is a quote from Lue's book:

"Is extensive reading a good idea? Shouldn't the various theories be studied? It is probably better to do your reading after you train your first scent dog."

I understand what she means by this, because you can read all these books cover to cover and still not be able to read your dog. See if you can observe SAR trainings to watch experienced handlers searching with their dogs, that is the best way to learn.

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Originally Posted By: dog27

Why are they hard to get, because of the shipping cost to Chile? It sounds like you need a care package, let me know if I can help.
Thanks!! It was very kind of you. Shipping is not as expensive as I used to think it is and I recently learned you can get used books on Amazon so I have several ones in my prayers right now. But for the the shipping cost to worth it I'd have to order 3 to 5 at once and right now I'm in total bankrupt :S

It's amazing like in any other part of the world books are cheapest than here, even in Europe where everything costs twice you can buy books for a lot less. And then the governement wants to encourage culture and education...
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