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Hey everyone,
I know there is tons of info on feeding puppies raw on this forum, but I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for.
I have checked the Raw Dog Ranch site, but many of the links on their are not working.

Before joining this forum in May I had never heard about the raw diet. At first I wasn't interested in was fine feeding my puppy Blue Buffalo. However, after reading many posts about the diet I would really like to switch.

I've also been searching the Internet for some info, but Im still struggling with finding what I'm looking for. (I saw the spreadsheet someone posted for raw feeding, but I'm on an iPad & that's not working for me either :mad:)

My puppy is 12 weeks old. His last vet appointment was over a week ago & he was 17lbs at that time.

What exactly should I be feeding him with the raw diet?
Any meats that I should avoid?
How much of a bone to meet ratio should he get?
Does he just get the bones whole-no need to try to break them up or anything?
Should I feed him organs? What kind? How much?
How many veggies/does it matter what kind?
How much should I be feeding him a day?
Will switching to raw affect his energy?

Again, I'm brand new to the raw diet.

If there are threads/posts that I've missed, I'm okay with just getting the links instead of just reposting/repeating the info.

I really appreciate any info everyone has.
I still have some BB left that I'll have him finish, so I do have time to do more research.
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