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Help with How much??

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I have posted before about food but once again I am concerned. Laya is a year and three month. We have switched her ever to adult large breed. I am feeding her 2 cups in the morning and 2 cups in the afternoon. She acts likes she is starving. She inhales her food. I know 4 cups is a lot but she weighs 89 lbs. Her ribs are still showing a little. She is very well exercised as well so she is burning the calories. So should I up her food intake?
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make sure you are giving her a good brand of dog food. why don't you give her two cups in the moring and two cups in the evening. a little snack in the afternoon. at 89 lbs she's a big girl. i think your supposed to see the outline of the ribs. talk to your vet.
Being able to feel ribs is good---but if you can SEE ribs, then she may be too thin. You can up her feed a little (add a half cup per day) and see if that does the trick.

You can also try to slow down her eating so she doesn't inhale it--try spreading the food out on a cookie sheet...or put it in something like a bundt pan so she can't get at it in big mouthfuls. You can also just put a large object (upside down coffee mug?) in her bowl and put the food around it---just something to slow her down a bit.
Thank you for the tips. I will try these things!
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