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Help with german lines?

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Digging around Reich's pedigree...if I throw out some names..I'd really appreciate it if anyone familiar with the dogs or kennels would give me a hand. I'm thinking we've got west german show lines here, but get totally lost with this.

Also...I found a site for vom Schloßgaeßcchen kennel in Germany, V Cash vom Schloßgaeßcchen is her great grandsire.
I almost emailed him to ask some questions...and realized...I don't speak German and he may not speak English

I'm going to toss out some dogs here, anyone that can tell me anything about them, their lines or their kennels, please do.

Of course Cash as mentioned above, his pedigree is here-

With dogs like Inga von der Riedhalle, VA7 Fedor von Arminius, V32 Ica vom Haus Reiterland, and V Pola vom Schornfelsen.

V Xela vom Seebachtal, her pedigree is here -

with dogs like V13 Largo vom Breidenbacher-Schloß, V5 Xanto vom Grauen, V 101 Golf vom Wildsteiger Land, and VA1 (I) Jack vom Trienzbachtal.

Help MUCH appreciated [:D]
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Yes, you have west German showlines. Sorry can't tell ya much more than that
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Now I'm scratching my head trying to figure out how Alk vom Osterberg Quell (DDR) got himself into this mix my girl has LOL
Originally Posted By: ReichsmomThanks.

Now I'm scratching my head trying to figure out how Alk vom Osterberg Quell (DDR) got himself into this mix my girl has LOL
Alk was bred a LOT to all sorts of different bitches. Basically whomever showed up with a stud fee got to breed to him, and a huge number of those breedings were in the midwest area (MI, OH, PA, IN, IL, etc...)
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There were 3 people who started mass breeding GSDs about 9 years ago about on the outskirts of Pgh. One bought Unit Gymor from Alk's owner, another bought a G litter pup (Gunit). They traded dogs around and bred tons of pups....there are now alot of dogs floating around 2 and 3 generations down from those breeders...2 of whom quit doing GSDs. I would venture that is the route to Alk.


I've got Friedel Vom Frolich Haus, a rough looking sable...out of Alk and 'Briann Von Haus Cimmerian'.

Nothing noteworthy on Briann herself, but her sire is Orthos V Tiekerhook.

I found the breeder who has Gino vom Schloßgaeßcchen , who was bred to Whitney Vom Schafer See, out of Friedel and Orex. She's in SWPA.

At the moment I'm looking for info on a dog, Davidson Vom Schreknhaus who resulted from Gino/Whitney.

All these dogs get confusing LOL
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ok - there were a couple other Alk daughters floating around that were with various people...the last kennel is in Ford City/Kittaning

Thank you again Lee.

I found that kennel's website and emailed yesterday for some info. I actually used to live up in Kittanning lol

I'd just like to gather as much info as I can, and I'd really like to see any dogs in her pedigree that are still out there...whether in photos/videos or in person.

I thought your site looked familiar as well...I was checking it out last week through the local GSD club's page. I love Kyra!
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