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Aleesha- Are you talking about Skin Bond? I have that and it came in a metal can w/a white label (it's ostomy glue). Did someone actually pull the roller out of his ear? If so, why? Right now I'm using Skin Bond and pipe insulation foam in Kodee's ear (if you can see it in my Avatar pic), and the glue adheres for about 2 weeks, then the foam comes out on it's own. I let the ear air out for a day and then re-glue (hopefully this last time will do the trick).

Anyway, I wouldn't pull the roller out of his ear. Just let it fall out naturally. I've been gluing Kodee's ear for about 6 weeks, and he has not lost any hair. Also, I'd leave your dog's raw skin alone and let it heal.

If for some reason you really have to remove the roller or glue from the ear, there is a product that is specifically for removing Skin Bond (thus, it's specifically made for use on human skin, also). I would think this would be much easier on your dog than pulling the stuff out.

Sometimes if there is some glue clumped up around Kodee's ear after his foam has been glued in, I use a metal comb and gently comb it out, but most of the time I just leave it alone. I figure it will all come out on it's own after we're done gluing his poor ear up.

Good luck!

P.S. Please don't use nail polish remover - ouch!
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