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Help - random frequent diarrhea

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My 3 year old female Mattie has been having random diarrhea for about the last month or so. She had her annual vet check in March with stool check and vaccinations and all seemed ok. But lately, I'll come home to a very soft messy stool as a suprise in the house. I have been feeding her Merrick Granny's pot pie kibble for at least 4 or 5 bags, mixed with canned (usually a Merrick or Innove evo flavor) and she seemed to do fine on that before. I have been doing that for at least 6 months, but in about the last 1.5 months she'll have very soft poo at least several days a week, it will last for a day or two, then she'll get almost normal poo for a few days.

I have tried adding boiled white rice with some boiled chicken breast to her food, and limiting her treats to mostly chicken jerky. It will seem like she is getting better, and then out of the blue soft poo again. The last few days have been fine, then today I took her out and it was totally pudding poo!!

What are suggestions for what I should do? Should I take her back to the vet? If so what would I have them check for?

Should I feed her something different? I have never encountered this problem before and don't know what to do for it.
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How much kibble and how much canned at each feeding?
Sometimes if they hold it too long it gets soft/runny. Maybe she needs to go out more often.
The Innova Evo kibble was too rich for Onyx when she was on it (1 bag) and she had soft stools from it.
Did they do a Giardia Antigen? Not the regular Giardia fecal but the antigen?
I went through months and months of intermitent soft poop with Dante, 2 negative regular Giardia fecals and finally they ran the antigen. Positive.
Normally, I would feed her about 1.5 cup kibble and 1/3 can twice a day. Though she frequenly would not eat it all. I give her the dried chicken jerky treats as training treats and rewards, usually about 1-2 strips a day.

I used to mix some people food into her kibble also, but stopped doing that when she started the diarrhea problem.

She has been behaving normally also.
Make sure those chicken jerky treats are not made in China. I have heard some negatives about these.
I went through the same thing with Chase and now Chopper. I've been advised by the breeder to ask the vet to give him Tylan, a broad spectrum antibiotic. Giardia is sometimes elusive...
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