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You have to make his walk more exciting than anything he's ever done in his life. Get a few feet in front of him and jump up and down and squeal and giggle and anything else that makes you look like an idiot! Keep walking backwards while acting goofy and I'll bet he follows you.

Also, reward, reward, reward - save his very best special treat just for walks. If you back up 2 feet and he comes to you, squeal again and give him a treat. It may take a few times, but your voice and that special yummie will soon appeal to him.

If that fails (you obviously didn't look silly enough!
), simply turn around and walk slowly away from him without a word. Puppies don't like to be ignored, so chances are he'll follow you, and you won't have to use any force at all.

Either way, the neighbors will think you're crazy, but the pupper will get the idea.

Good luck!
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