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What works best for my puppies is to pick my puppy up, place it in the car, and drive somewhere new to walk.

I've also had problems like yours with both my GSD's when they were young. They seem to really bond to the house/yard RATHER THAN ME (uh oh) and would like to sit on the 'safe' front porch and wave goodbye to me

Since I don't want to drag them down the street or get frustrated, I just found it easier not to 'fight the battle' at all. Instead, just get everything ready, either walk the pup or pick up the pup to put it in the car (food always helps), and drive away.

Once in a new place, THEN I'm all the focus and center of my pup's attention so they walk and stay with me. Since I'm all about exhausting the puppies so they come home and behave (uh, sleep) any OFF leash activities work best. So huge fenced in school yards and me with a toy. Off the beaten path type walking trails. Place they can swim or romp in the water. Making play dates with friends and their friendly dogs.

And later on as my pups matured and start learning that being with ME is more fun than staying on the front porch, the problem just goes away.
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