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I disagree that the biting will stop on its own, for some pups it will, but not addressing it is dangerous. I've met full grown dogs that still do this and are impossible to handle without wearing a thick jacket.

Be careful using a crate for punishment and behavior correction, it can work, but it can also create crate aggression or fear. You might be better off leaving the room and closing the door behind you and coming back 5 minutes later to see if the pup has calmed down.

When my dog was that age he was horrible and very bitey. He would get into a mode where he just wouldn't quit, so I would lay him on his side until he would relax. No yelling, no hitting. I just put him on his side and talked to him until he would stay there when I took my hands off, then I would walk away. If he came after me I would repeat the process, making myself no fun to bite, until he just decided to stop biting me or stop coming after me, because it just meant being laid down.

NEVER give up on redirecting!

The reality of training is that any method considered valid by one person will be seen as risky to another, that's just the way it goes. Like how Chip said to bonk, castle said no bonking, use a crate, and I said no crate lay him down. It will go on and on. Training is very personal and specific to a dog, I can't guarantee my method will work on your dog the way it did my dog, you just have to try different things.
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  2. Hi all! I'm at my wits end here
    I've had gsds in the past and they were so easy, I know no two dogs are the same but I'm having a really hard time with my new pup Eva. She's 12 weeks old now and I've had her since she's was 8wks.
    She doesn't mouth, she BITES. And I mean she really goes for it. Me and my partner do not get a second to breathe from the moment she wakes up she's biting. I redirect her with toys but she's not interested. I play with her until she's too tired to bite. We cant walk around the house as she bites our legs, and she really goes for it. She's really been hurting us and I hate crating her but its all I can do to get a seconds peace. My legs an arms, even my face and hips and anywhere she can get to is cut or bitten.
    Now she's staring to growl, bark and snap her teeth at me.
    I can't get her to stop.
    I've enrolled her in a training class so she can get socialised and she's such a scaredy cat outwith the house. On walks we're only out five minutes before she drags me back to the house, so walks are no fun either.
    She's also up multiple times during the night and that's usually a biting battle before I can go back to sleep again.
    All this seems really negative but I will say she's amazingly clever and training sessions in the house are really rewarding. But training her that people aren't chew toys she can swing around is proving difficult and I can't get her to understand "no" or "off"
    I really want to be able to play with her.
    I'm getting frustrated that she won't listen to me when it comes to biting, or outside.
    The lack of sleep doesn't help either.
    I've tried walking away from her if she bites to hard, and I done this consistently but she's didn't get it.
    Redirecting, she's not interested in biting anything but us.
    So what I'm doing now, I said using the advice of the training class I'm at and pulling her scruff and saying no! Just seemed to wind her up more as did everything else.
    So now it's just no and put in her crate to calm down.
    She gets plenty excersise, lots of training, and lots of love!
    I feel like a failed mother or something and I really need a different approach. I'm scared she's gonna hurt someone one day as she's already REALLY hurt me.
    I feel like my training class or anyone who sees her outside the house doesn't believe me as she's such an angel at the vets or her class.
    Any advice would be appreciated so I can curb this behaviour before it gets any more worse
    You need to ask yourself, if this puppy was part of a dog pack, or was still with his mother, what would have happened to him? Yep, he would have been corrected; first with a growl as a warning, then a nip, and if he still doesn't stop, a bite. The puppy does not become dog shy when that happens. So the next time that happens, say NO, then bonker or use a pet corrector to stop the unwanted behavior.
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