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I got home last Monday afternoon and have since had full dog-duty with the puppy. She's a good puppy, and apparently very calm according to everyone that meets her (I guess I don't notice because she's a lunatic in the house with Sobacca lol).

For some reason, anytime we go to the front door she'll turn around. And then we'll get in the drive way and she doesn't want to walk to the grass; or she doesn't want to walk down the street. She'll pull and pull to go back inside, instead of going to the bathroom. This one is a huge problem for me because she's been having a few accidents in the house (never poop though, she'll hold that). But I think maybe as she realizes she's getting treats for peeing outside in the grass that she'll stop going in the house completely.
I do think I'm to blame for this, because I realized that she's had minimal accidents in the house prior to me coming home; and I think maybe I expect her to be better than she is. I have to remember that she's 13-weeks old and everything takes time and reinforcement. I'm hopeful though that with the treats this will improve; and help me relax a little.

It's like she doesn't want to leave the house! Or go for walks (I'm taking both dogs on a daily walk through the neighborhood so she can see new things and meet new people). She does appear to be a little weary of strangers and of other dogs/ducks. She will bark at them now, especially when we're not on our street in the neighborhood.
I have NOT noticed this behavior anywhere else; when we went to the Town Center she was perfect, and very curious about people and dogs. It's only in my neighborhood...even in the front yard she's okay with meeting new people (more okay when Sobacca is with us). I think the more I have her out and the more walks we go on, this will get better though. And she's going to puppy school in August for socialization as well (since that would be away from Sobacca, so she doesn't have her 'comfort blanket' per se)

Now, I think I came up with a good strategy today...I'm taking a bag of treats out with us and I think it's actually working. After two times of taking her out with treats she is walking outside much better and peeing as soon as she gets to the grass; so I think this will work perfectly.

Has anybody else ever had this problem with their dog? If so, what did you do to get it better?
Do I have the right thinking, to just take her on walks to meet new people around the neighborhood and reinforce her good behavior. And taking her to places like the town center, etc. where she will have to interact with new people in new places.

Any advice would be helpful.

Sorry this is so long.
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