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HELP! Our new rescue is showing sudeen aggression!

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We picked up our new dog today. He's a rescue brought up from MS to VT. He is believed to be a cross between a beagle and a lab. We brought him home and he's has been doing great. My husband and I left for about an hour...when we came back the new dog started growling at my husband and tried to bite him once. The new dog is still real sweet with me but is growling at my husband when he walks by...Any advice..please!

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Start here:


Is this a dog that went straight from shelter to transport to you? Is there a foster home that worked with him before you got him who can give you some insight on his behavior?

If have some work to do-basically you are going to act as foster home and owner! Will wait for more information...

Also, what is your prior dog experience-breeds, temperament, etc.

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Re: HELP! Our new rescue is showing sudeen aggress

to gain trust & bond, have your husband begin hand feeding him every single meal and treat. the rescue my pup came from recommends this for the first 3wks
Re: HELP! Our new rescue is showing sudeen aggress

How is it going with your new dog? I would say your husband needs to be the main caretaker in this case, but what has been his progress in the past few days? We are looking forward to an update!
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