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"what shall i go for female or male gsd ? and why?"
Whichever you prefer. Differences between individual dogs are much greater than the differences between male and female. Conveniently enough, you'll find us split about 50/50 between those who prefer males and those who prefer females. I like the boys myself.

"are there any different types gsd out there ?"
Yup, at least three-- American lines, European Working Lines, and European Show lines. Head on down the forums to the Breeder's chat place and the Breed Standard to find out the differences. Or just google them.

"what about injections and stuff from the vets, did it cost much ? "
Short answer-- GSDs are not a cheap breed to own. Vetting isn't cheap, quality food isn't cheap, and training isn't cheap.

"how often do you take them to the vets ?"
Supposed to be at least once a year, but it usually ends up being more than that.

"what did you guys do when u first bought yourself an german shepherd puppy?" Took him for his shots, signed up for a puppy kindergarten glass, and started socializing.

"Do you have to train the male dogs i.e. keep them busy and exercise them alot compared to the females or it dont matter as long as there both getting the fitness ? " Both sexes need a lot of mental stimulation and exercise. A LOT.

"I wouldve thought the females wouldve been more intelligent. i did have my mind set on a spayed female pup to be honest. "

Being a female I'd love to say we're smarter, but it doesn't really work that way in dogs. Once again, there are smart males and not-so-smart males, smart females and not-so-smart females. Wanting a spayed female is great. To give yourself the best chance at getting the best dog for you, be prepared to spend some time looking for, interviewing, and being interviewed by a great breeder, or contact a reputable rescue and get to know their dogs.
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