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Well this is an unfortunate first post. We got our little guy yesterday and so far he has been absolutely a joy. Perhaps a little timid, but shoot it is a big world he just found out about right?

As required from the breeder we took him to a vet within 72 hours and while she was looking into his eyes she did a triple take and said, "uhm did the breeder certify his eyes? because he has juvenile cataracts." After talking with her for a short time we learned quite a bit.

This affects less than 10% of gsd
it is NOT something she expects to find during a 8-9 week old wellness exam
it is more common in pure breeds
and she recommends we take him to a specialist (she recommended 2)

so please! thoughts, opinions, experiences, input, anything. we called the breeder and he said he was at a loss for words and was calling his vet to learn more about this. he seemed genuinely concerned and upset

I already posted this in welcome mat, really looking for help sorry for double post. moderators feel free to delete or whatever needs done
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