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I have a wonderful ( aren't they all) 7 yr old German bred GSD and I'm in serious need of a So Cal vet who specializes in the breed. Or at the least knows big dogs. I'm so tired of hearing "Wow! He's big!" every time I go in.

My dog and me, just endured a myriad of unnecessary, painful for him and terrifying for me testing. I realized too late, that if a vet knew the breed, rather than saw only a few of these dogs once in a while, they could have asked simple questions. Instead I was rushed into MRI and a Spinal Tap. It took my dog 4 days to recover. He's forgiven me for putting him through that. I, however, am beyond furious at the arrogance of diagnosing a dog so quickly based on such insignificant knowledge of the particular animal.

So please, please... if anyone in so cal has a vet that loves these dogs please let me know.
So appreciative.
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