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Help me please...

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I'm new here. Some of you probably know my wife Lies with her dog Kenya.

I am at wits end here. Maybe you know, but her dog doesn't like me. I don't do anything to her...promise. It's a male thing. Anyway, Liesje is in Florida, but her dog is with me. I've finally gotten her to eat and drink occasionally. All good things.

Now though, it's been two days where I have fed and given treats to the dog and she simply will not poop for me. I know it is anxiety I have taken her out without the leash because she does respond to me...but mainly in fear...and I've tried while on a longer 20-25 feet. Nothing works.

I know she has to go because last night, her stomach woke me up...and today just 5 minutes ago, I took her out again and she was honestly passing gas when she would return to me in hopes to go inside.

I might be considered dog dumb, but I know this has to be uncomfortable for her and want to remedy the situation asap! Any thoughts?
Liesje's husband Phil
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Is there anyone the dog likes who could come over and potty her? Is there anyone you know with a fenced yard who could help by letting you go over there and letting her loose to poop? She won't poop in the house? I know there have been times where I have hoped a dog would do that for different reasons! Just do it!!!! was what I was thinking!

If you have a nice vet office that you trust that has a fenced area that would let you take her there, or that could board her for a day, I would consider doing that. A female kennel attendant or tech might be able to get her to do her business.

Can she go out with your male dog (on lead)? Does that help?

Have you told Liesje yet? She might have some words of wisdom-or maybe she could talk to her on the phone! Anything is worth a try. How long is she gone for?
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Call your vet for the proper amount and how to administer this but about 1/2 of one of the prepackaged disposable human enemas will do the trick.
How about fastening the lead to something and just sitting down and waiting as an alternative?
My youngest decided to be shy about pooping away from home at our first AKC obedience trial. I was recouping from anesthesia & still somewhat crosseyed but we must have walked for about 2 hours to get her to defecate before we went in the ring! I vowed never again so at the next occassion of too much reserve she got a little assistance. It has never been a problem in the 8 years since.
I've taken her to a baseball field(with poop bags of course) and she doesn't even try to go. She just submissively lays next to me watching my every move.

I've e-mailed one of Lies' friends, maybe I could drive out to her dog training center to see if she can get her to go tomorrow or something.

Lies is gone until Saturday...I don't know when...and I've left a message on her phone. It's just frustrating because I come home every day from school or work and take her out with no problems. Now though, nothing. Oh...I shouldn't say nothing. More like pee 3 times...and then nothing.
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This is unusual. Most people complain that the dog poops too much because it does not like them, not the opposite!

Are you sure it's not a physical problem? If the dog is passing gas it may be more than just anxiety. I have had dogs not go for a couple of days because of traveling but eventually their body took over and they had to eliminate. If the dog is physically alright, it will go eventually.
Well, at least she's peeing.

Poor thing-she must be so upset. Dogs are way more complex and have their own little thoughts. She's lost Liesje, she's not going to lose you too-so she's going to stick right next to you-no time to poop! Or maybe she's thinking something else-who knows.

I do know my oldest dog didn't poop for a few days (anal glands had been cleaned and it went really badly) and we went to a new vet-when she put the glove on he exploded poop all over him, her, me, the walls...not nice. So eventually it will come out, but it's better if it's not in that manner.

In my mind, a vet visit for peace of mind is never a waste of money.

I am not sure if middle is suggesting an enema where you would actually get invasive (I try not to think about enemas much)-but with a dog that is afraid of you, who you are working on the relationship with, sticking things up her butt would not be my first choice. If it were my own dog...well, I'd still go to the vet, but I could see doing it with a stable dog who trusted me.

I do like the idea of tethering her to something (maybe even you) as long as she's not a leash biter.

And yes, if the friend can help, take her there for sure!!!!
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I find that movement helps stimulate the bowels in many dogs, so is there some way where you can get her to move around more? Maybe go back to the baseball field, throw a toy for her or even throw treats so she runs after them? I do a lot of treat throwing with my dogs because they do tend to be a bit velcro, and if they have a treat to go after it makes them move away from me.

You may need to use better than normal treats, like small bits of meat. Give her a good reason to want them. If she'll chase a toy, even better. Having two or three toys to throw (when she gets one, throw a different one) often helps with the game. And once she gets to moving around more, the poop will probably happen.

Dogs can go for a few days without pooping at times of stress, and it's not really that unusual. But I also can't think that it's really comfortable. If you can't get her to play the chasing games, maybe a really long walk will help. I've had "plugged up" dogs suddenly stop mid-walk because the movement finally pushed things through enough where they had to go RIGHT THEN.

Good luck, and I hope this isn't stressing you too much!

Melanie and the gang in Alaska
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I would LOVE it if the dog would play a game with me! So would Coke, the other dog! Especially at the baseball field. He kept trying to get her to chase...but nope. Poor boy. Honestly, throwing motions probably would only make her flinch.

It's very hard to explain, but I'll try. Kenya doesn't like anyone except Lies. No one. She pretty much shuts down because of stress whenever Lies is not around. I'm surprised I've actually gotten her to eat some dry food.

She's not an affectionate dog. She's not a toy dog...except all this changes when one ingredient is added. Lies. Though, even then, affection is still minimal.

I just took her out again, she went to "the spot." She may have gone, but it's dark, so I can't be sure. She pee'd again though for sure. She didn't eat her food tonight, so I gave her a little ground beef and rice, my last hamburger.
We'll see how tomorrow morning goes I guess.
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hi phil, katherine sorry to hear you're having this trouble with kenya...have you tried just a good long walk, where you're just focused on walking and maybe, you know, like when they're somewhere that you don't want them to poop and they do...maybe she'll just stop and go??? have you called julie, possibly she could set your mind at ease, i'm thinking that's where you're talking about taking kenya (training facility=julie's??). of course, vet is always an option if you're really worried. hope it all works out, so to speak. take care...
Yeah. I've taken her for 2-4 mile walks every day. That certainly works for Coke. But I've never seen Kenya do anything, #1 or #2, on a walk ever. Not even with Lies.

I have a feeling she'll go tomorrow if she didn't just a bit ago. She did go for me on Saturday and Sunday. Once on the leash even. So if she has had to go, she has gone.

I dunno. I was just frustrated earlier tonight and wondered if there were any tricks.

And I e-mailed Liz for Pawsative Canine in Lowell. I don't know...
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I am with Melanie here.
I am a pet sitter and occasionally, I will get a dog who does this when their owner goes away! It doesn't help when we walk around behind them thinking "please just poo!" I swear they can sense our frustration and, for a sensitive dog, the pressure of staring at them doesn't help! Try to take your own focus off the dog. Go for a walk with her. If she wants to stop and sniff, let her but then move on. I like the tossing treats game! I have done that with many dogs! Another sure fire way to make dogs poo is a ride in the car. Or, you could try some McDonald's...that always works for me.
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haha! Tomorrow McDonad's it is.

here's the dilemma. If we go for a walk, she doesn't stop to sniff. If I stop, she gets nervous. So we just walk. It's what she likes.

Here's the other dilemma, if I don't watch her outside, she thinks it means lets go to the door. So she runs to the door. If I watch her, she gets nervous, so I can't turn or she comes running to the back door.

hmm, a car ride might work though...
My female will hold it out of protest. We went on vacation once and I know for a fact she did not go for 2 whole days - no pee either!

I'm guessing you don't have a fence, what about tying her so she can relax and do her thing. That's what finally worked with my female on that vacation, I tied her to a bike rack while I sat 20 feet away trying to pretend I wasn't watching her.
Not yet...:( I took her for a light jog. I put her scarf on her with pharamone spray to calm her, I even got her a pig ear knowing those make her bowels quite active. She did not eat the pig ear, she ignores it because I touched it I swear. She just won't go. If she doesn't go this afternoon/tonight, I'm going to call the vet tomorrow to ease my mind.

And I've called my lovely wife 10 times now with no response, she must be chillin on the beach.

It is frustrating because I know I have to make everything positive. Negative vibes will not help her poop. But I have tried about everything. I even cooked her rice and ground beef last night after I posted. It's like a game to her now. I can tell she thinks "if I pee, and circle for ever, I get to go back in." Then I wait it out for a while, and she gets so nervous, she honestly starts shaking. I'm telling you, she has issues with me and I don't know why.
But I don't know if anyone else can help but my wife...
See less See more's really nervous-beyond what I was thinking. Yeah-I think it's something that is just going to be a que sera, sera (have I got that right?) whatever will be, will be. I think it's a good idea to call the vet and just explain. These are things we would like to be able to train for-and maybe you can when Liesje gets back-but it sounds like if she knows she's around, it's okay. I feel so bad for a shaking dog.

My one dog had a pretty bad submissive pooping thing-so before I'd take her in the car I would just have to walk toward her while she was leashed to me-and she would poop-but it was actually a good thing because she'd have less ammo for when we'd get wherever we were going. Opposite ends of the spectrum!
And just to add some cheese with my's raining of standing outside is great fun.
Ohhhhhhhhhh...I'd be texting whoever while I was standing there! Or sending them phone photos!

I once puppysat a 40# lab puppy that couldn't do stairs. I spent the whole weekend carrying him up and down the stairs in the split level I was renting, while he would poop and pee as I was taking him down! No one knew he couldn't do more than 1 step...until then. I tried food-hello, he was a LAB, my dog playing at the bottom of the stairs...finally I just counted the hours...good thing they are sweet. Just thought I'd try to make you feel a little better!
I certainly would not do this without the approval of a vet-but what about a low dose of an extremely gentle laxative?
Hey Phil!

It's Lu...Gracie's mom. Liz is having eye problems so she isn't reading e-mails right now. Have you called Jeanne? She might be able to help.

I don't know if Kenya would respond to me at all?

PM me with your phone number.

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