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So, I'm in the process of trying to come up with my first bulk order with a local co-op for Oma's Pride. I'm completely noob overwhelmed to co-op bulk ordering. I will say, the co-op leader has been helpful, but I know she's busy right now and can't get back to all my zillion questions.

Up until now, 99% of Rock's meals have been the result of me hitting up the Food Lion/Costco/Kroger/IGA/BJ's sales like they're about to give me a show on TLC about compulsive sale/coupon matching shopping.

SO, as you can guess, I'm not accustomed to using a pre-ground meat and bone mixture that I'm seeing listed. No, I don't plan to get away from the RMB/MM/OM (using the tried and true Lauri/Raw Dog Ranch breakout) that I've been doing and am definitely ordering a lot of that, too, but some of these prices are so good, I'd be silly to not to order a few tubes of this bone/meat mixture.

How do I account for what daily percentage of the RMB/MM these mixes account for? I mean, is it really as simple as saying, "okay, today he eats 2 pounds of this ground mix, plus his OM"? I really think I'm missing something here...

And I apologize if this has been answered 346782783 times and I just didn't search correctly....

Also, what's the difference between a carcass and a frame? To me, I had them interchangeable in my mind....
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