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Finding a trainer down here is HARD. I had one that I liked okay, but she did not last long. My puppy has some fear aggressive problems (barking at people in the house, sometimes barks at people he doesn't trust when they're near the car and barks at people he doesn't trust when not leashed [guess who doesn't get to be unleashed anymore?]). He is 8 (almost 9) months old.
We socialize him A LOT. 3+ times a week we go out and meet people and he is usually okay, but I would feel much more confident with the help of a trainer. If anyone can give me the info of a dog trainer they know in the keys, PLEASE let me know!

(and also if anyone knows of any dog classes in the keys. I have been actively looking, but the one I went to uses harsh corrections and I did not like that at all).
I know there's a class that's over an hour away and I am considering going up there to see how they are (they also do agility, which i was interested in putting him in) I just might not be able to make it every week.
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