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Help...He ate a mouse!!!

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Falken (13 weeks) and I were just out wandering around the yard, too hot to do much, and suddenly I saw him focused on something on the ground and the next thing I knew he had a dead mouse in his mouth and as i went to him he friggin swallowed it (whole I think)!!! he drank some water since then but is this ok? Do I need to get him to a vet?

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If it was already dead, I'd be worried about what killed it (poison would be a BAD thing). I'd at least call the vet and maybe ask about inducing vomiting.

Originally Posted By: balakaiIf it was already dead, I'd be worried about what killed it (poison would be a BAD thing). I'd at least call the vet and maybe ask about inducing vomiting.

Agree I would take him to vet to induce vomiting cause you don't know how long it has been dead or what killed it and some neighbors put out poison for mice.
Well I just got off the phone with the vets office and they said they don't want to induce vomiting in case the mouse gets stuck on the way out. I'm not too worried about poison since I live in the country and there are lots of mice around. They want me to just watch for 24-36 hours to see if he either passes it (oh god!) or throws it up himself.

I'm going to be a wreck for the next 2 days.

Any other thoughts?
The biggest worry I would have is if the mouse died from poison. It takes about 6 hours for raw meat to make it's way through a dog's digestive system. Once you see the furry stool your puppy is safe.
I really don't think poison is a problem since we see mice all the time around here, but, what signs would I look for if poison were an issue?

The other concern is that furry stool, can his little butt really pass it ?!??
Is your dog being treated for worm prevention, ie. Jesse was treated till 4 months to prevent worms asking cause some mice have tapeworms and other parasites and I would be concerned with that as well.
If he killed the mouse or it died of natural causes you have nothing to worry about. Excess saliva, or an insatiable thirst are the signs for the most common rat poisions. Also if he starts acting lethargic that could be a sign of poisioning.
A dog's (and even puppy) stomach is much more acidic than ours and has no problem digesting a whole rodent and he should have no problem going to the bathroom.
He had 3 worm treatments, the last one on May 31.
Thank you Aaron, I'll watch for those signs, just in case, although with the heat around here lethargy is kind of a given. I'm happy to hear that passing it shouldn't be a problem, I was worried about that!
We have had the same problem with my wifes pug, hanging around with the cats to much and all of a sudden Cathy come running into the room saying Rocky just ate a mouse that the cats chase right to him and all she said was that she seen a tail and then it was gone, We had to worm him, but the gas he had was worse than any of our shepherds LOL
If my dog --- I would get him to a 24 hour Animal Hospital, just to be safe. Who wants to watch & wait.
My old beagle (RIP, sweet Casey) ate a mouse when she was a young dog. I pannicked, called the vet, and was told to wait, and keep an eye on her. She ate the darn thing in 2 bites; I almost vomited. She was fine, though...
That was my first thought too but from some of these responses, and other research I've done in the meantime, I think watch and wait is ok. Any unusual signs or symptom and I'll pack him up and get him to the 24 vet hosp. within 15 minutes. Now that my initial panic has settled (a little) I remember another dog I had that did the same thing, although he was full grown at the time. He passed it no problem.
Ooh gross! I'm sure he'll be fine! I wouldn't be taking any kisses from him for a while!!
You may need to look out for tapeworms too. My boy got tapeworms from a squirrel.

Hope he's okay.
Originally Posted By: HalenOoh gross! I'm sure he'll be fine! I wouldn't be taking any kisses from him for a while!!
You got that right!
no kisses !
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Yes I guess we'll have to look out for worms. Is there any reason not to treat him for worms even if he doesn't have them, just as a precaution against them?
Yes. There is reason not to treat as a preventative. It is unnecessary. I'm not a fan of feeding my dog wormer when it isn't necessary.
Yea I don't normally like to give any kind of medication/treatment unless needed but thought a wormer might be all right... guess we'll just wait it out and keep a close eye on stools for awhile.

By the way, although he hasn't passed it yet . . . it's been about 5-1/2 hours since his "mouse meal" . . . he is acting fine, is as active as usual and hasn't shown any adverse effects.
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