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everyone has some good suggestions and opinions. There really isnt much left that i can say except i still think your son is missing the cute dog +walking her and being NICE to her= hot chicks for him! lol i know we've talked about it before. Considering your sons inconsistance behavior with her, i dont blame her for how she is acting towards him. Its not necessarility safe but i would be snappy too if i were here. My mom would have smacked me, grounded me, and serious loss of priveleges had i EVER acted that way. Yes, he is a teen. Usually its the girls that have issue with parents. I think forcing him to participate in the classes with only make things worse. He obviously wants nothing to do with her and forcing him to be involved will only succeed in increasing the resentment. Honest question here and please dont be offended but have you considered putting your son in therapy? It may help to figure out exactly what his issue is and if thats figured out for sure besides horomones, he may be more open to Lilly being around. I would say Lilly is definitely picking up on the issues with the "pack" between you and your son and she's viewing him as a threat. Stress in the family usually causes 10 times that in the pets. Have you tried sitting him down and asking him exactly why he's basically being a butthead? Tough love. Sounds like he almost has a respect issue going. If thats the case, its usually because the parents are too soft or too hard. I know i resented my parents for being too hard, and my mom resents my grandparents for being too soft. I hope things get better in your house. Lilly deserves less stress as do you. Best wishes and keep us posted!
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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