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Help for Mandi!!!

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Remember Mandi? We need to help place her for Katherine as she is in a situation where she can no longer keep fostering her. Anyone? Katherine says she is fully vetted, needs to be an only dog with a fence. Please lets find her a permanent forever home!!
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Aww poor Mandi...If I didn't have 2 already, I'd take her, she's pretty. Best wishes on finding her a permanent home!
Bump for Mandy!!!!!!
Hope all is well with Katherine and her crew.
Do we have specifics about her temperament other than that she doesn't like other dogs?
When I had her she was great with people. I groomed her at a pet store and she was social with the employees. She had no bad reactions at the vet. She was not aggressive or fearful with people.
I was told it takes a bit longer for her to warm up to men but other than that she is a jewel.
Bump for deserving Mandy
Anyone want a beautiful girl??
Katherine has helped so many dogs here, can we not do the same for her????

Bump up Mandi, I wish so much that I could help you...
My co-worker said he would totally adopt her if he didn't already have a Yorkie
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Up you go!
Still looking for a 4ever home for Mandy!!
Still looking for that special someone!!
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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