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Help finding a thread

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Awhile back (maybe 1-2 months ago) there was a thread about online shopping sites. I thought I had saved all the suggestions to my favorites online, but (ahem) I guess not.

I'm looking, specifically, for jute-type toys. By using Google search, I did end up ordering some from DogSPort for $10 each, which I thought was a great price since Ray Allen charged considerably more, but wondered if there were better places out there.


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OK - so how did you find that so fast?!??!
Originally Posted By: LAW1558OK - so how did you find that so fast?!??!
The secrets of quick surfing days-(otherwise known as looking in quickly at work). I can not tell a lie. I had saved it in my watch list to check later when I got home-just forgot to do it.
Regardless, you're still my hero!!

My bank account may suffer, but my dogs will be in heaven!
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