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!HELP!!!!!! BC Rescue in the PNW

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Looking for a Border Collie rescue in the pacific northwest!!

A friend emailed me about a little puppy that needs help FAST!!!

I have no other details just need to find a rescue
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yep got that one!!!
Are you looking for a certain location, or an individual person?

I have others, just let me know what you are looking for in particular.
Kathy, I sent you a PM.
Hi guys, I am the one with the puppy and the problem is that I need help for this little guy now!! He is in worse shape than I originally thought. The owners have only had him about 5 days and in that time he has gone form being a happy out going boy to being very depressed, hand shy and sick puppy.

He won't eat, won't drink, he is very lethargic and his gums are very pale.

We have a pet rescue and I may have to take him to them because he needs vet care asap. but my original wish was to get him out of the area so the owners couldn't find him.
Pictures of the little guy

The pale gums

Tried to get a picture of him standing to show how he is standing roach back with his stomach tucked in but he just doesn't have the energy to stand and I don't have the heart to try to make him and get a good picture so these will have to do.

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Stacy, has he not been to the vet? Is he currently in your care? I am sorry I don't understand. But why rescue? You can pm me if you don't want to post the details. I will try and help, but I need more info.
Oh my, yes, he needs to go to the vet. He could have anemia from parasites (longer term probably than 5 days). A vaccine reaction: or worse stuff. I know you know he needsto see a vet-are there any within a couple hours of your home he could go to? Like I would go to Buffalo...
If only he were in Ga.
Honestly, if he were I would take him and provide him with care. He looks way too sick to make the trip though.
I think you need to get this pup to the vet immediately. I'm in Northern California and can help with transport but this pup needs to see a vet if he's changed that much that quickly.
The neighbors got him about five days ago, I don't know were they got him but at the time He was happy and energetic, I first met him when he ran across the street to see my kids, almost getting hit by a pick-up in the process. Do to some other issues with this neighbor, DH asked me to leave the situation alone and after the neighbors came home from running errands down town they found him in our drive way. I guess after that they decided to chain him up and then left for town again. Another neighbor rescued him after hearing his cries of distress. While chained he tried to go though a hole in the fence and had become stuck. His collar was also so tight you couldn't fit a finger under it. After some debating; the puppy was giving back to the owners with a lecture on how to take care of him. Two days pass and then this morning 5:30am my husband was going to work and found him soaking wet from the rain curled up under our tree in the front yard. I called to him and he was hesitant to come finally he did and when I went to pick him up he drop strait to the ground; he was scared of me. At fist I attributed all his symptoms to being wet, cold and scared. I dried him off as best I could put him in my crate and let him settle in. But when I went to feed and water him I realized a lot more was going on. He wouldn't even eat canned dog food. He put his nose over the water bowl like he wanted to drink but couldn't, thats when I looked at his gums and saw how pale they were.

Why a rescue, because we only have one very small privately ran shelter. So if you lose a dog it's the only one to call and I do not want the puppy to go back to these people. With a rescue I knew he would end up out of the area and would end up with a good home.
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Tracy, got the PM and forwarded to Stacy. I had not wanted to post details unless I had Stacy's permission but it looks like she has gotten on and posted the details.

Problem here is that technically the pup has not been surrendered by these people and even tho it wandered on to Stacy's property, she knows where it belongs and it could be a legal problem if the neighbor discovers where the pup went. It will be hard for her to hide it so the little guy really needs vetting and rescue fast.

If we can get a rescue on board to take him I can help with the vetting. I am flying to Oklahoma tomorrow but could help transport next week if need be.

Stacy doesn't one of the vets at your vet clinic have BC's? Maybe he can help with a contact too. Or will they provide supportive care for a few days?

You had to post pictures........

Now I can't let it go.
Pups that are cold should always be warmed up first, then offered food. Have you taken his temp??
He is going to get help one way or the other I will see to it. I just don't have the money right now and none of the vets locally will work with you unless you say your going to be responsible for the bill. Been there before, when I accidentally ran over one of my neighbors cats while he was out of town.
This pup reminds me soooo much of my Cobi. I lost him recently at the age of 14.

He used to have the speckles and freckles until he got old.
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Call the animal control, humane society...whatever.
Kathy call me
and sorry for the emotial black mail with the pictures, he just breaks my heart.
Quote: Poster: mjb03

Call the animal control, humane society...whatever
Even though I knew that legally I could be required to give the puppy back, when I realized just how sick this puppy was I called the police to talk to our code enforcement officer; Who is gone for the next week, She is all we have, there is no humane society here. The officer I talked to could only tell me that I should take him into the pet rescue we have here locally. And unless something else is arranged that is what I will have to do so he gets the care he needs. I have been on the phone and on the computer since 8 am Trying to find help for this guy.
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