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Here is your other thread.
In it I posted a link and that had links to more links including the Tufts information for their behavior program that you can use via the web. You could use that to get information from them.

The study is another thing altogether. You can email [email protected] and she will send you all the information.

My interpretation of his behavior from what you describe is that he is using this to calm himself. So...there are a lot of other things that you can start to teach him to calm himself without that.

First I would do NILIF all the time with him. That will help to calm him.
Second, I would get into positive perhaps clicker based training classes so you have a method of communication.
Third, I would look for other things that seem to calm him - and start using those when he is in a trigger zone for spinning. In order for them to be effective you have to do it before he starts the behavior.

The other thing - the running - I will let someone else comment once we understand what you mean by that - do you take him running? He's 9 mo so there is a concern for repetitive stress on young joints.

Instead of running, I would be looking at taking him places to exercise his mind - where he can climb on things like downed trees, step on different surfaces, and then would also look into tracking for him depending on what vets and trainers say. For all of this, you want to see what Tufts and a positive based trainer would say! Don't just listen to me!
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