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Hi guys,

I need an advice. Buddy is 1 year old and socialized. I take him to dog parks, for walks and every evening to the playground near our house. He gets a lot of exercise. He likes to play with other dogs in the dog parks and behaves nicely. Then, in the evening we go out and throw balls for the dogs, he loves to retrieve the ball.
He was also good with other dogs around, just recently started to be aggressive to small dogs. Usually, when there is a ball included. Like he wants to protect his ball.
But today, he scared me. He attacked this little dog, I don't know why. He gets to meet that dog a lot. He was always fine with him. That dog was on leash. There was no contact, thanks God, he bared his teeth and barked. Does he try to be dominant over small dogs now? I don't know what causes this. How can I fix this? I don’t want to have aggressive dog.:(
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